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Please contact for a quote.

I have worked as a copy editor and proof reader since setting up my wider freelance business in 2002 - providing services for both business clients and private customers. Over the years they have come to rely on me when they need a piece of content editing, or just proof reading and marking up, in order to ensure they can communicate effectively with both internal and external audiences.

Who can I help?

Most of my clients are businesses which do not have in-house copywriters, and so their content tends to be written by internal staff and subject matter experts. However, these people are not specialists in grammar, punctuation and sentence construction - or it may simply be that English is not their first language. My services enable them to have confidence that their content is correctly written, and is clear and understandable for their audiences. I also work for private customers such as bloggers and article writers, and have even edited entire books over the years!

What type of projects do I take on?

I'm happy to tackle anything from a short 'one-pager' through to more complex and extensive documents, when provided in Microsoft Word or a compatible programme. I am also willing to proof read and mark up PDF documents, as long as they have 'post it note' editing enabled - but costs for this are higher as the mark-up process is more time consuming.


If content exists within existing PDF documents or websites, and needs 'stripping out' into a Word document before editing or proof reading, then I can also take this on as part of the project. However, my standard hourly rate would also be charged for this aspect of the work, which means it is often more cost effective for my clients to do it themselves in advance.

How does it work?

My approach is very straightforward, and ideally suited to the current climate where more and more people are working remotely:


  • You send me a document that needs editing or proof reading, and confirm what you would like me to do

  • I quote for the project, based on my experience and the amount of work required, and provide a timescale for completion - my rate is £60 per hour

  • If you would like me to go ahead, you send the agreed payment by bank transfer or Paypal - or if you prefer to pay by card then I can send a Paypal invoice

  • I carry out the project and send back the edited or marked-up document 

  • If you require further edits after my initial work is completed - for example if there are queries, or more input from yourselves is required - I quote separately and we repeat the process


It's as simple as that! I am of course happy to sign an NDA if you need me to, for example if the document you are sending me is sensitive in any way.

To arrange a quote on a piece of work, please email and I will respond as soon as possible. Many thanks.

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