16 Jan 2020

Read my new interview with Camera Jabber, which was published on New Year's Day 2020. A great start to the year!

19 Dec 2019

Really pleased this week to see one of my shots selected by the editor of Amateur Photographer magazine as an 'outstanding image' of 2019!

25 Nov 2019

All modern interchangeable lens cameras are not create equal! Here are a few key reasons why mirrorless is gradually taking over from DSLR . . .

24 Oct 2019

An interview I did a while back for a design agency - as part of a series on creatives in different areas of the industry.

15 Oct 2019

Help me build a list of 1-2-1/small group Photography Tuition providers, so people who want to learn can find the right person to help them!

6 Sep 2019

White balance isn't a setting that gets much attention, but it's useful to know what it can do, and why you'd want to change it.

20 Aug 2019

A first look at my double page spread in the August 20th 2019 issue of Amateur Photographer Magazine.

21 Jun 2019

My first ever attempt at photographing the sunrise on Midsummer's day - and I'm delighted that it was such a success!

8 Jun 2019

A little A-Z subject challenge for anyone who's new (or not so new) to photography and looking for inspiration!

7 Jun 2019

Priority modes are thought of as inferior to manual. But if you use Exposure Compensation correctly, this is far from true!

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