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I have been photographing Milton Keynes for over a decade and have one of the largest single stock image libraries of this city anywhere in the industry. My library currently stands at well over 3,000 high resolution images and is growing all the time - to ensure that locations such as Central Milton Keynes, which change rapidly, are kept up to date.

I use Picfair to host my images, in order to provide full keyword search functionality across the entire library - so you can find exactly what you need. However, only full marketing package rates (all uses except print advertising) are available when purchasing online via this route - so please contact me directly to discuss pricing for  other license options.

I keep my pricing in line with the large stock agencies such as Alamy. License rates vary depending on the specific usage, but start at £35 per image for digital use only - with package rates for multi-image orders. So you could choose them all now, or you can keep some in credit for the future - as I add new shots to the library, or you have additional requirements.


These rates are as follows, for a 'digital use only' license:

Single images - £35 each
Package of 5 - £150 (£30 each)
Package of 10 - £250 (£25 each)
Package of 25 - £375 (£15 each)
Package of 50 - £625 (£12.50 each)
Package of 75 - £750 (£10 each)
Package of 100 - £850 (£8.50 each)

I'm also very happy to arrange to take specific shots of Milton Keynes for you, if I don't have the exact image you're looking for. Please contact me for more information on these services.

Click each image below to visit specific albums based on location or subject. Alternatively, you can use the global search facility at the top of the Picfair page to find anything you need, however random, using keywords. E.g. 'Campbell Park, sheep, snow' or 'Grand Union Canal, cycling, spring' and so on.

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