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I offer a variety of different workshop types, and these are a mix of pre-scheduled Landscape Photography Workshops for up to 4 people, which can be booked as individual places - and bespoke sessions which can be arranged on dates to suit your group.


If you have 2 to 4 people in a group, and would like to book a workshop on a specific aspect of photography, then I can arrange this on a date to suit you, at any time of year.  Workshops are 3 hours long and example subjects include:

  • Night Photography - using a camera and tripod to capture urban scenes from 'blue hour' onwards, including long exposure light trails. Location - Central Milton Keynes.

  • HDR/Pano Merging - a two part session to capture the required bracketed exposures or panorama sections, and then taking these into Adobe Lightroom to create the final images. Location - Campbell Wharf.

  • Sunrise/Sunset - capturing 'golden hour' light either before sunrise or after sunset, including the option for long exposure photography using ND filters. Location - Campbell Park or Willen Lake.

  • iPhone Photography - using the inbuilt features of the iPhone to capture a mix of landscape, urban and architectural images, plus advice on editing apps and techniques. Location - Campbell Park and Central Milton Keynes.

  • Beginner's Lightroom - an introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic, including selecting the right plan, installation, set up, workflow management and tuition on basic editing tools. Location - Campbell Wharf (note 3 max. on this workshop).

  • Advanced Lightroom - covering HDR and pano merging, masking tools, colour grading and more. Location - Campbell Wharf (note 3 max. on this workshop).

For information on 1-2-1 Lightroom tuition and my Lightroom 'problem solving' services - available in Milton Keynes or remotely via Zoom - please click here.

The cost for all workshops is £60 per person, which is payable on booking*. To arrange a bespoke session, book a scheduled workshop, or request further information please email

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If you would like to learn more about photography, and meet with like-minded individuals then my small group Landscape Photography Workshops could be the perfect answer - and are suitable for photographers who use cameras or smart phones.



These sessions run regularly from Spring to Autumn, as the weather becomes too unpredictable in Winter - so if you are interested in a future date, please email me and I will let you know when I have new workshops planned. 


My Landscape Photography Workshops take place in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes - which is Grade II Listed and has been recognised by Historic England as a Park of Special Historic Interest. We follow a three hour pre-planned route taking in a variety of viewpoints and compositions, but will also be flexible on the day to take any specific seasonal or lighting conditions into account.

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Who for?

These sessions are more about composition and understanding what 'makes' a good image, than they are about the technical aspects. As such, they are suitable for phone photographers as well as those with cameras. I'm also happy to offer technical advice of course, but please bear in mind that in this type of group environment I will not be able to provide 'off auto' level tuition. If you are interested in 1-2-1 tuition, please click here for more information.

“I would definitely recommend Gill’s workshops as I learned so much and saw so many new places. Numbers are small so she gets to work with you individually, and is very knowledgeable on everyone’s equipment. Gill is a very good teacher and was very patient with me, as well as providing lots of helpful tips. I also liked how at the beginning of the workshop she asked us all what was one thing we would like to achieve from the workshop, and then delivered on that as well, even though it meant following up with extra information after the workshop had finished. That was really impressive.”

Janet Wiech

* If you cannot attend a scheduled workshop for any reason, I'm afraid that I am only able to offer a refund or move your booking to a future workshop if I can resell the place - so please let me know as soon as possible if you find you are unable to make a booked date. For bespoke group workshops, if you need to change a booked date please let me know as soon as possible and I will aim to accommodate if I can. However I am unable to offer a refund as I will have planned around the date. Thank you.

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