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If you have reached the stage of wanting to edit your images, process RAW files, or tidy up your image management processes - then I can definitely help.


I always recommend Lightroom Classic as one of the best editing and workflow management tools available, and I use it daily for around 95% of my editing work. Having said that, I provide tuition in all versions including Lightroom Desktop (formerly Lightroom CC - the cloud based version, as it was) and Lightroom Mobile.

Sessions are available online via Zoom, or in person in and around Milton Keynes. The cost is £40 an hour, with a minimum session length of two hours, and pro rata after that. 

I always aim to ensure that we go through as many of the basics as possible during a 1-2-1 session, but it's worth mentioning that it is not possible to cover everything that Lightroom can do in two hours, so more (or longer) sessions may be required if you would like to go into detail on all of the areas I have outlined below.


Alternatively we can just focus on specific aspects of the software, to suit your requirements - including individual 'problem solving' - and I have found that this approach works well for many of my clients.


“I wanted to give Gill Prince a shout out for great personalized Lightroom instruction via Zoom. In the first session she had shown me 90% of what I needed to get started effectively with Lightroom, and most importantly showed me how to use it with my existing file structure. I make my money selling custom cabinetry not surfing YouTube for instructional videos, so having the personalized instruction is valuable to me. I have since had two other sessions with Gill and feel now confident to apply Lightroom in my business.”

Dennis Callahan

What do we cover?

We can focus on specific problem areas that you may have, or we can work through the software 'from the top', depending on what you would prefer. If we're going through everything then I usually start with the 'workflow management' side of things, looking at how you manage your images on your own computer, and then how to bring those into Lightroom in a structured manner, as well as talking about good back-up practises. From here we go through rating, filtering and culling, before moving onto the fun side - the actual editing, or 'processing' as it's also known.

This stage involves working on specific images which I will ask you to have ready in a folder on your computer - covering everything from cropping and straightening, through exposure and colour balance, and finally more advanced tools such as masking. After the session, I will send you a full set of screen grabs with tailored notes, which go through everything we've discussed - so you don't have to remember it all at the time!

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent Lightroom training and guidance you provided me with via Zoom.  I found it extremely helpful,and the 'fog' that previously greeted me when I went into it has lifted 😊 I very much look forward to having a chance to start putting into practice what I have learnt over the weekend, and I will definitely want to do future sessions once I have got to grips with what I learnt this time.”

Graham Partridge

How does it work?

For face to face tuition in and around Milton Keynes I'm happy to come to your home or a nearby location to suit you*. Then for Zoom sessions I will send an invitation link for the agreed time/date.


We'll just need a PC or Mac (laptop or desktop) - ideally with Lightroom Classic (see my blog post for which plan to choose) already uploaded onto it, even if you have done nothing with it beyond this. I can also give you information on which one to download in advance. It is possible to run sessions using my own editing laptop, but you will not get quite so much out of it, as many of the areas we cover are around customising Lightroom to work the way that you work - so it's always best to use your own computer, and your own copy of the software, if we can.

*Locations outside of Milton Keynes may incur travel and travel time costs. If we are meeting in person, but away from your home address, then a laptop that you can bring with you will be very helpful.

To find out more, or to book a session, please email me.

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