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I decided to add a selection of reviews to my website, as they are otherwise spread between Facebook and Google and not always easy to find. I hope this helps you to decide if I might be able to help you - whether you're looking to get 'off auto', or for tuition in more advanced skills. For further information about my photography and post-processing tuition services please click here.

"Having taught myself the very basics of how my camera works, exposure and looked a little into composition, I wanted to spend some time with a photographer to help start the next part of my learning.


I contacted Gill and we discussed what I would like to get from the day, asked me about my experience and equipment. She also recommended that we look into other aspects, which I had not really appreciated the importance of, namely editing and workflow.


The day was excellent! Gill's easy going but focused approach was professional and friendly which put me at ease. She quickly appraised my level of knowledge and gently guided me throughout the day allowing for plenty of opportunities for me to ask questions. I would not hesitate to book more 1:1 time with Gill and wholeheartedly recommend her if you are looking to do the same. Thank you."

Cathy Jones

"I had a lesson with Gill yesterday and have to say she was fab. I had a rough understanding of the concepts of the cameras functions but had no idea about how to piece it all together.


I came out of the session with a much better understanding of how to put it all together and am ready to put it into practice. Gill made the lesson very easy to understand and I will definitely be booking again x"

Lucy Grace-Steele

"I was gifted a two hour session in which Gill patiently got me away from the automatic settings on my DSLR and introduced me to aperture based photography and better composition. I was taking good photos before but now everyone agrees that I'm taking better photos!"

Jim Ward

"I had a wonderful tuition session with Gill. She tailored the session to suit my own knowledge and experience (and lack of!).


We had a theory session where I was able to focus on the areas I am most interested in. We then had a practical session where I got some good practice in, despite some freezing weather!


I left feeling like I had really learnt a lot and I'm now very keen to get out there and put it into practice! Highly recommend."

Jennie Easton-Groves

“I wanted to give Gill Prince a shout out for great personalized Lightroom instruction via Zoom. In the first hour she had shown me 90% of what I needed to get started effectively with Lightroom, and most importantly showed me how to use it with my existing file structure. I make my money selling custom cabinetry not surfing YouTube for instructional videos, so having the personalized instruction is valuable to me. I have since had two other sessions with Gill and feel now confident to apply Lightroom in my business.”

Dennis Callahan

"Gill has tutored me for a few 1-2-1 sessions. She was very patient, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Gill was very easy to get along with, which also helps a lot in one to one tuition sessions! She's offered me a lot of insight over the few sessions we’ve had and my photography has certainly improved. I’m trying to find the time to book more! Thanks Gill!"

Alexi Yovanoff

"I have been so grateful for Gill’s help while I’m going through the process of learning photography. I love the modules on each subject area – exposure, aperture, shutter speed, composition etc. – and I find them very easy to read and understand, as though I’m listening to her explaining it. The analogies she uses to explain particular settings and features also make perfect sense.


I’m starting to put the teaching into practise when I’m out with my new camera, using aperture priority instead of auto, and I’m really starting to bond with it now, and enjoying getting out and about with it. Without Gill it would just be sat in the wardrobe!


I’ve used my camera more in the time that Gill has been teaching me than in the whole time I’ve owned it. Thank you!

Claire McNaught

"I was lucky enough to get a session with Gill as a gift. I have always loved taking photographs but was very much a point and shoot and hope for the best kind of 'photographer'.


Just a few hours with Gill and I was shooting away not on the automatic setting! A good theory session before we went out and tested our new skills. A lovely lady and I can't wait to get out and practice my new skills. Highly recommend."

Joey Millar

"Gill has changed the way I take photographs twice in the last year - once at a distance, when I found her brilliant composition guides online, and then in person when she ran an afternoon's tuition for me and my husband.


She's got a real gift for finding the right level to pitch her teaching, and tailored the session to our individual needs in a way that seemed effortless, but can only be the result of many successful lessons in the past! We both ended our lesson with lots to think about and practice, and memory cards full of photos to be proud of.


I'd be very happy to recommend her as a teacher and an expert guide to the scenic parts of our fascinating city."

Stephanie Lay

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