If you're planning an event, or have a newsworthy story that you want to promote, I can help you to capture the images you need. I generally concentrate on photographing primarily outdoor events, as I focus on working with natural light. However, if your indoor event is a large, open and well lit space such as a shopping centre for example, then I may be able to assist - so please get in touch to chat more on it. If not, then I would be happy to recommend someone from my network who has the appropriate specialist lighting equipment.

The following slideshow includes images from the Xscape Coca Cola Truck event, the announcement of Greg Rutherford as Leap BMK's new Patron, the McDonalds 'Love Where You Live' 24 hour litter-pick event and the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations in Campbell Park. 


After the shoot, I will supply a selection of digital image files for you to choose from, usually within around two working days - depending on the length of the event and the volume of images required. My rates start from £120 for a one hour shoot, including image selection and editing time.