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If you're new to Lightroom, or even if you've been using it for a while, I can guarantee you'll have had moments when it makes you want to throw your computer out of the window! And sometimes, however many Google searches you do, YouTube Videos you watch, or groups and forums you ask in - you can never quite find a solution that suits your specific situation.

My Lightroom Lifeline service was designed to address this exact issue. As a Lightroom tutor (and daily Lightroom user) I've spent many hours working with people who have got themselves into all sorts of chaos and just need help sorting things out - so they can find a way to work with Lightroom going forward that doesn't cause them stress and panic.

To arrange a Lifeline session you can email me, or it's usually quicker to message me via Facebook Messenger if you use that service. There should also be a What'sApp button on my page as well if Facebook is behaving!

How does it work?

When you just can't find an answer to the specific problem you're having, get in touch with me and I'll arrange a 'Lightroom Lifeline' Zoom session with you as soon as I possibly can, often within an hour or two on week days. Then you can share your screen with me so I can see what's going on, and hopefully I will be able to help. It may then be that we discover you need a longer session to sort things out more permanently, but we can discuss that on the call.

My hourly rate is £40 and my Lifeline sessions are charged in 15 minute increments, with a minimum of 30 minutes to give us time to have the initial chat and set up the Zoom session. So if we resolve the issue swiftly it could be as little as £20 - BUT, if we find I can't help you at all, then I don't charge anything. Kind of a 'no fix, no fee' type of arrangement! The reason I'm happy to do this is that I'm confident I can help with most issues, and if I can't then I'll learn from the process. As Nelson Mandela put it, in one of my favourite ever quotes - "I never lose - I either win, or I learn."

If you prefer, as an alternative you can book one of my standard Lightroom Tuition sessions - where we can go through any aspects of the software that you would like, resolving any issues that you have as we go along, and covering new features that you maybe haven't experimented with yet. Click the link above for more information on that.

"Thank you so much. You really are worth your weight in gold!"

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