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Case Study - The Parks Trust

The Parks Trust is an independent charity that manages over 6,000 acres of our gorgeous green spaces here in Milton Keynes. This includes parks, lakes and woodlands - plus around 80 miles of landscaped areas along MK's grid road system. I have carried out three commissions for them now, photographing some of the key areas that The Trust is responsible for - usually after major works have taken place. This shot of Great Linford Manor Park is from a project earlier this year. More on that later . . .

My most recent commission for The Parks Trust involved capturing a series of photographs of Willen Lake South, after the completion of the new watersports centre and playground, and the removal of the wakeboarding circuit. The project spanned around a month in late spring and early summer 2023, with a requirement to deliver a set of up-to-date marketing images that The Trust could use to promote everything that Willen Lake has to offer.

Working from a list of required images, and a wider brief to include any other shots which I felt might be useful, I visited Willen Lake on multiple occasions during the timeframe of the commission - some pre-planned and some opportunistic! This included different times of day, to capture sunrise and sunset, and also specific days when the pedalos and other watersport activities would be especially busy. Not to mention having to take weather conditions into account as well. This is just a very small selection of those images!

In addition to the photographs which were shot specifically for the commission, The Parks Trust also licensed some stock images that I had taken earlier in the year, when an especially dramatic sunset occurred.

Earlier in 2023, I also carried out a similar project for Great Linford Manor Park, which had been extensively redeveloped after a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. You can read more about that project here. Again this involved visiting the park on multiple occasions to take advantage of different lighting conditions and sun angles, and working to a detailed brief and shot list.

I have also worked with The Parks Trust on some large panoramic images that will cover the walls of one of their education centres, which is currently being redeveloped - but those are still under wraps for the moment!

If you would like to chat to me about any commercial photography projects that you may have, it would be great to hear from you. Please email and we can go from there.


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