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The Unexpected:MK Photography Book is now available as a PDF

It goes without saying that we're living in some seriously strange times at the moment - but one of the things which we're still able to do, for the moment, is go out to get some exercise, as long as we walk or cycle, and don't use our cars unnecessarily. Already, as a result of this, I'm finding new places in Milton Keynes which are relatively close to home, but which I've never walked to before.

Having thought about this, it struck me that the Unexpected:MK book, which I created for MK's 50th birthday celebrations in 2017, contains maps showing the location where each image was taken. Which means that people who live close enough to any of these places, might be able to visit them on foot or by bike, even though they've never thought of doing so before. Or were possibly even aware that such a place existed so close to where they are.

All of this being the case, I decided to hunt out the full PDF which Shine Creative kindly sent me once the project was finished, and make it available online for anyone who might like to look at it again - or for the first time - to see if any of the locations are close enough to where they live, to enable them to pay a visit. And to all of the lovely people who bought a copy three years or so ago - I hope you don't mind me doing this!

To access the file, please click this cover image - and then you should be able to view it via whichever PDF reader you have installed. Many also have an option to download and save locally, which is fine with me - though I should mention that it is 42Mb. I'm afraid the cover pages are slightly odd as they are set up as a flat print layout, but once you get into the main pages, it all looks a lot more normal!

I do hope this helps some people to find new parts of the fabulous place in which we live, and makes your daily exercise even more enjoyable. Having said all that, please do follow whichever rules are in place at the time you read this, and above all, stay safe.

PS - you can read more about the story behind the book here, if you would like.


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