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Photography tuition in London this July

I'm primarily based in Milton Keynes, and this is where I normally run my tuition sessions. However, this Summer I will be spending some time based near Canary Wharf - so I'm going to be offering 1-2-1 photography tuition (or 1-2-2 is also fine!) in London during that time. So if you're interested, I have sessions available to book from Monday 16th to Sunday 29th July - with both week days and weekends available.

Sessions start from two hours in length, at £25 per hour, or can be longer if you prefer. Whether you're a beginner and looking to learn everything from 'off auto' upwards, or have some knowledge but want to refine your skills, then I can help. I can also provide tuition on post processing using Lightroom, as part of a wider session or separately.

I'm happy to work with whatever equipment you have, from a smartphone, compact or bridge camera through to a mirrorless (compact system camera/CSC) or a DSLR. Alternatively, if you don't have a camera, or want to try something different, I can also provide you with a Lumix G7 mirrorless for the session, which is extremely good for teaching - as well as providing advice on the right camera for you, if you're looking to buy one.

All 'off auto' level sessions are also followed up with detailed course notes, as I know it's not easy to remember everything at the time!

London is a fabulous place for photography, so whether you're interested in landscapes, urban, architectural or street photography, we'll be able to find some ideal locations to work with. If you would like to book a session, please email to discuss dates.

And in the meantime, here's what one of my students had to say about a recent tuition session:

"Gill's changed the way I take photographs twice in the last year - once at a distance, when I found her brilliant composition guides online, and then in person when she ran an afternoon's tuition for me and my husband. She's got a real gift for finding the right level to pitch her teaching, and tailored the session to our individual needs in a way that seemed effortless but can only be the result of many successful lessons in the past! We both ended our lesson with lots to think about and practice, and memory cards full of photos to be proud of. I'd be very happy to recommend her as a teacher and an expert guide to the scenic parts of our fascinating city."


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