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Travelling, house sitting and a book reprint . . .

So the summer is almost over and it’s time to get back into work mode! Which isn’t so bad when you love what you do – I know I’m very lucky in that respect. It’s been a busy time, with a mix of travelling, work and also house sitting – which is a new thing that I’ve started doing in the last year along with my husband. More on that in another post, along with some pet photography!

Of course the major event of the summer was finally turning 50 – which was one of the main reasons how I got involved with Unexpected:MK in the first place. It wasn’t too traumatic, helped by the fact that I was in the Maldives at the time – now there’s a stunning place for photography. I’ll get an image gallery live soon.

Going back to the book – I was also delighted to get an order for over 100 more copies from a large property company back in June, which enabled me organise a reprint, as we had pretty much sold out.

So I now have new copies in stock in plenty of time for Christmas – if you want to get your hands on one just email me to get your order in. I only have about about 75 left, so don’t wait too long!

After the Maldives we spent three weeks looking after two lovely dogs in Belgravia, which was rather nice - and then it was time to head to Europe for a cruise on the gorgeous Azamara Quest with my sister - from Barcelona to Rome via St Tropez, Nice and Portofino. That was followed by a week in Tuscany, and then a weekend in Venice. Quite a trip! We had a fabulous time and my husband and son joined us for the 2nd week, which was great. It was perfect for a real mix of landscape, travel and street photography, so I’m in the process of putting a new gallery for that one together as well.

When I have been in MK over the summer I've also been running more 1-2-1 Tuition sessions, which are proving really popular, and also starting to write an online course for beginners - assisted by my 'guinea pig' students around the country! If you're interested in tuition in MK or would like to buy a tuition voucher for someone else, please email for more information.

In the meantime, if you'd like to find out a little more about my style of teaching, you can download a FREE copy of my online module on Understanding Composition. I hope you find it useful!


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