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Two images on billboard posters in London!

I've known about this for a while, but wasn't able to say anything until the campaign was formally launched today. But I can now confirm that two of my images were selected for use in the new Milton Keynes advertising campaign, which includes billboard poster sites across the London tube network, among other locations. Very exciting!

I got involved in the project through my work on the MK50 Photography Book, which made Destination MK and its agency aware of my photography - and I was delighted when they approached me about using some of my images in the campaign. I'm now very much looking forward to seeing them on the wall, hopefully later this week! You can find out more about the campaign at

Both images were taken in Campbell Park, which is a fantastic part of Milton Keynes - and well worth a visit if you've not been there. The 'Nothing But Roundabouts' shot was a sunny evening in April this year and shows a reflection of the Light Pyramid in the nearby pond - then the 'Concrete Jungle' shot was taken on a cold and frosty winter morning in January and shows Allen Jones' bronze Head sculpture, and a fabulous sky!


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